Embedded software engineer

After graduating with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 2004 Willem started working as an embedded software engineer at Interactive Voting System. This company develops both wired and wireless voting systems to be used for opinion polls on-site, for example at share-holder meetings, and remote via internet.

Willem was employed as embedded software engineer, working close on hardware using a wide variety of microcontrollers. As Interactive Voting System was a small company, Willem met all aspects in the game: From hardware to software, from manufacturer to end-user.

Embedded Linux software engineer

Being familiar with the Linux desktop environment, Willem started to play around with Embedded Linux based systems. With the coming of embedded operating systems, like Android, RTOS and uCLinux, he decided to continue his career in this specialism.

He took a job as Embedded Linux software engineer at Sogeti Nederland, and later on Altran Nederland, where over time he has been seconded to several customers. During this period he worked in various industries, such as agricultural, medical and consumer products, and became a specialist in embedded firmware and embedded Linux based systems.

Why hire?

"I need software to create hardware"... "I need hardware to create software". Does this sound familiar to you? This is where Willem can be your bridge between software and hardware. Willem is a software engineer with that extra bite of hardware: He is a specialist in embedded software and has a great affinity with electronics. He knows how to code, handle a scope, read schematics and solder components. From proof of concept to deployment, this makes him a complete package of what you would expect from an embedded developer.

Co-workers and direct management about Willem:

  • Resourceful and reliable,
  • Great problem solving skills,
  • Sees the big picture and plans accordingly,
  • Works well under stress and quickly adapts to changes,
  • Dedicated teamplayer, able to work independently

Embedded Linux

Rose-ES is your all-round embedded Linux specialist. From uCLinux systems with a small memory footprint up to the 'muscle-car' ARM cortex systems, Rose-ES is your partner for:

  • Board support,
  • Kernel configuration,
  • Kernel development (drivers, modules, ...),
  • Debugging the kernel,
  • SDK deployment,
  • Coaching your team

Yocto project

Among all build environments available on the web, Rose-ES recommeneds using Yocto.

"The Yocto Project is a Linux Foundation workgroup whose goal is to produce tools and processes that will enable the creation of Linux distributions for embedded software that are independent of the underlying architecture of the embedded software itself" —Wikipedia—.

For this purpose, the Yocto workgroup selected existing projects and created a complete set of templates, tools and methods which spans all areas you need: Build framework, SDK deployment, emulation, test automation and package management.

Even more, the main strength of Yocto is that it's tested on several reference target architectures (including support for ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and x86) and is released twice a year. Also many semiconductor manufacturers support and participate in this project, like Intel, Atmel, Texas instruments and so on.

Embedded software

Also for embedded firmware solutions Rose-ES is your partner. Rose-ES has experience in many microprocessor architectures and is familiar with a wide range in communication protocols, both wired and wireless.

Being familiar with 8051, XA16, Atmel AVR, Renesas RL78, TI MP430 and ARM processor architectures, Rose-ES is your partner for any type of embedded application. From low-power applications to real-time processing. Rose-ES has affinity with electronics, and is able to perform the necessary hardware prototyping and debugging independently.


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